Healthy tomato mint salad recipe

Best when manufactured with all the freshest components, primarily home-grown, this quick and quick-to-prepare tomato salad that has a healthy mint-lemon dressing is guaranteed to be a strike with relatives and buddies.

With no oil, only clean vegetables, herbs, lemon juice plus some spices, it truly is an ideal dish for those attempting to check out their waistline, or needing a vitamin-rich healthful pick-me-up.

High in vitamin A, C, K, it really is an incredible healthier salad to just take to barbecues and picnics, also to hold absent summertime colds and flu.

Detailed instructions

Preparing the tomato salad (five minutes)

  1. Wash all components thoroughly.
  2. Dice the massive tomatoes into pieces about 1cm (0.5"), or slice mini tomatoes in 0.5cm (0.25") slices using a sharp knife. Area into a bowl.

    Tip: Home-grown tomatoes, ripened about the vine, would be the most mouth watering in this particular recipe!

  3. Remove and discard the roots and any limp or weakened leaves in the spring onions (or peel the more substantial onions / shallots).

    Chop the two the white and eco-friendly elements of the spring onions finely, or dice the large onions finely. Blend with all the diced tomatoes.

Preparing the dressing (five minutes)

  1. Juice the lemons and pressure the juice to eliminate any stray pips.
    If your lemon is tiny, use two lemons, or add a tablespoon of h2o.
  2. Grind salt and pepper to style in to the lemon juice. Include almost every other spices, this kind of as chilli or cayenne – my favorites! Then mix with each other rapidly using a fork.
  3. Strip the mint leaves from their stems – you only want the leaves. Discard any leaves which have been brown, limp or overly ruined.

    Tip: The most beneficial mint is the fact that risen in your yard – flawlessly refreshing and easy to improve in pots.

  4. Mince the leaves having a sharp knife or herb knife.
  5. Add the minced mint into the lemon dressing, combine very well, then pour more than the tomatoes.
  6. Garnish having a few mint sprigs, and provide.

Tip: Leftovers retain only for 1-2 days inside the fridge. This salad is without a doubt very best eaten when freshly well prepared.

A functional tomato salad

Changing the substances with this tasty salad means you’ll by no means be bored!

Main ingredient variations

  • Use a different tomato: roma, cherry, grape, beefsteak, yellow – any variety is effective well!
  • add 50 % a diced cucumber or perhaps a diced red pepper (capsicum).
  • Add 6-8 stalks of green asparagus or brocollini, damaged into parts and lightly steamed then cooled.
  • replace the spring onions with finely diced red onions or shallots.
  • add wild greens or salad leaves for an additional hit of antioxidants.
  • add diced feta cheese or clean mozzarella for a far more sizeable salad with protein.
  • add cooked and cooled cous cous or fine bulgar wheat for a a considerable salad with additional carbohydrates and fiber.

Herb variations

  • Replace the mint with an equivalent amount of basil, minced.
  • Use a mixture of minced clean oregano, majoram, thyme as well as a little rosemary to get a diverse herbal style.
  • Replace the mint by using a double amount of parsley, minced.
  • Replace the mint by using a handful of coriander, minced.
  • Add or substitute the spring onions with a huge handful of chives or garlic chives, finely chopped.
  • Use different kinds of mint – Thai mint will add warmth, peppermint or spearmint will have a sweeter and lighter in weight taste.

Spice variations

  • add 1/8 teaspoon of chili powder or cayenne pepper for any kick of heat.
  • finely julienned or grated ginger is excellent for managing colds!
  • a minced clean garlic clove is also perfect for colds and flu.
  • 1/8 tsp of ground cumin adds a hot spicy take note.

Dressing variations

  • use the juice of one lime as well as a tablespoon of drinking water alternatively of lemon juice, for the further health increase.
  • add 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil for the juice combination for any little additional depth.
  • use one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and one tablespoon of drinking water alternatively of your lemon juice.
  • use 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar and one tablespoon of water instead on the lemon juice.

Health benefits


Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a robust antioxidant. Despite the fact that it’s not at all needed by mankind, lycopene has become revealed to assist liver operate. It’s been claimed to serene the inflammatory reaction, minimizing the inflammation and ache in sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia and long-term prostatitis.

As component of a diet program of fruit and veggies, tomatoes are claimed to scale back numerous types of most cancers.

Tomatoes might prevent neurological diseases, these types of as Parkinson’s condition, and have a helpful effect on diabetes.


Similar to most green herbs, mint is filled with antioxidants, also has anti-inflammatory properties, and sometimes contains a calming effect on digestion and nausea, especially when drunk for a natural tea.

Lemon juice

Lemons provide the highest number of vitamin C of all the typical citrus fruits. A solid immune-system booster, vitamin C will help prevent colds and flu, shields against dangerous microorganisms and stops inflammation. It may well even support stabilize blood sugar concentrations in diabetes people.


What are your favorite flavors to pair with tomatoes inside a salad?

Let us know while in the remarks under!

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