HOW to arrange Simple African Dishes – Ethnic and Western: Portion 3

How to Bake Authentic Rice Bread

IN all my hubs on African Cooking, I emphasize Authenticity. Being a end result, you will be likey to come back across somewhere else, cakes and dishes analogous to individuals I introduce in these webpages. One example is, Rice Bread is regarded almost almost everywhere else as Banana Bread, with many extraneous elements which include yeast, self-raising flour and Bicarbonate of Soda added as a way tor create a Western consequence. Since the main ingredients are rice and bananas, the title relies upon of which of those is used from the better proportion. In fact, Rice Bread is only a tough translation in the African title, and what passes for Rice Bread is actually not bread as we know it (leavened or unleaveaned), considering the fact that no wheat products are included. It takes advantage of only about three essential substances. I suspect the essential issue of your bananas goes again into a time when fridges weren’t a common feature of African kitchens, and over-ripe fruit had to be utilised, somewhat thrown absent.

It is similar with fish. Several African recipes call for dried fish. Drying or gradual baking is definitely the favorite method to preservation. Other than sun-drying, dessication might be finished in an oven or micro-wave, along with the finished merchandise can keep for years. The average temperature in certain areas of West Africa rarely falls under 80 degrees F.

Ingredients – Overview

Ground Rice. I’ve in no way used Rice Flour because it is substantially way too great. You might find also, that depending upon the company, it is not necessary to sieve the bottom Rice. Normally.

I consider you will discover that Ethnic versions from the recopes use aboui 50 % the sheer numbers of elements within the Western recipe. From the current physical exercise, simply because no boosting brokers are applied, there’s no risk of collapse in the event you open the oven half-way by way of Nevertheless, I suggest you use a glass-fronted oven so you can observe the process. The thermostat in my oven will not be reliable; but apart from pre-heating to concerning 250 and 300 levels, you’ll be able to transform the high temperature right down to 250 or perhaps lessen, based upon how brown you wish the superior for being. I need to alert you that despite the fact that rice bread is sort of delicious, it is usually a little bit heavier, and because it uses no eggs or flour, it can be really duller in appearance [ Photograph 2]. To vary the looks, you’d have to increase currants or raisons etc, and turrn it right into a Western kind Banana Bread [Picture 1] Variants incorporate Cranberry rice bread and Brown rice bread. As in all of my recipes, this is certainly only the beginning of the learning curve. Amid the benefits of this model is that it’s gluten-free and nut-free: but obviously, people struggling from Coelliac ailment or nut allergic reactions should seek advice from their health practitioner. Improved Harmless Than Sorry. Also, by different the quantity of sugar and banana, it can be doable to reach at a thing that could be appreciated while in the identical way as common bread, even so the taste-compromise is a thing along the lines of your soya-milk/dairy-milk trade-off, or vegetarian as against animal-based sausages and so forth. – an obtained style.

Bananas Over-ripe and tender; just in advance of the juice begins to leak with the skin, which should really at this stage, be black. The pores and skin ought to nonetheless still be intact and with no cracks. The sweetest bananas are huge, thoroughly increased, and have an average aroma. Ripeness improves flavour, but at this stage, it may previously be too ripe to take in, although it’s still well suited for this recipe. Should you are actually blessed in deciding upon the fruit, the moment if has become liquidized you could realize tiny reddish-brown bits about the dimensions of grains of sand. These vestigial infertle seeds, are fairly regular in mature fruit.. Having said that you happen to be not likely to find bananas of this good quality in Western supermarkets since the fruit is harvested although continue to green and ripened in transit, the process being supervised by knowledgeable Banana Ripener.

Sugar I regularly use Sucralose or Xylitol half-and-half with sugar, despite the fact that some low-calorie sugars get rid of their sweetness in preparing. I’m not in a very situation to encourage any of those, though I take advantage of them to aid with my diabetes.
If you employ non-stick baking tins, specifically the modern plastic variations, you might not have to grease the tins, but this can be highly recommended being about the risk-free aspect.


SINCE it incorporates no eggs or butter, Rice bread [Picture 2] is frequently incredibly mild gray in colour, through the bananas., but this also is determined by the amount of Floor Rice utilised. Also, given it consists of no increasing agents its is not going to rise over the sides in the baking tin, like regular bread, or waffles. Once away from the oven it settles in the tin. It is best served cold, but this certainly is actually a question of desire.

Banana bread [Picture 1], can be a closer approximation into a Western cake.


  1. AS A Rough Guide, your banana need to be approximately one-and a-half times the load with the Ground Rice. It’s possible you’ll desire to prevent Rice Ground. Just how my individuals prepare the product known as Ground Rice, is always to soak some pudding-rice overnight then dry it beneath the sun, prior to pounding it in standard pestles and mortars carved out of tree-trunks. [Picture 3]. It’s not necessarily complicated to view why the outcome can never be as wonderful as (machined) Rice Flour.
  2. Thoroughly liquidize the bananas, little by little adding sugar, and pausing once in a while to judge the sweetness with the mixture.
  3. Pour the completed combination right into a non-stick baking tin and bake for forty five minutes or so, tests every now and then using a tooth-pick to generate sure which the centre is not continue to runny.
  4. It really should be able to provide right after between 50 percent to 1 hour.

For your long run makes an attempt you could possibly fluctuate the proportion of Ground Rice to banana, or add walnuts raisons, dried cranberries and so on. towards your Rice Bread according to flavor.

Bon Appetit

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