Gunther Toody’s – A Blast into the Past

Restaurant Review – Colorado

Anybody who lives or has visited Colorado Springs, Co, knows there isn’t a shortage to the dining out experiences. Yet, when looking for something unique, sometimes you have to look a little deeper. If you are looking for the “Diamond in the Rough”, Gunther Toody’s is a guaranteed treasure for the entire family.

Gunther Toody’s has been a favorite in the Colorado Springs and Denver area for the past 20 years. This business is pretty exclusive, with 2 restaurants in the Colorado Springs area and 6 in Denver area, and while it may be known to the locals, the tourists might miss out on this great experience. Therefore, I am hear to tell you… if you are in the area, Gunther Toody’s is a “must see tourist attraction” that will have you wishing you lived there.

I came across this gem back in 2002 when I was stationed at Fort Carson, Co. We had just moved and my husband and I were exploring the area. Naturally, we didn’t trek to far from the beaten path. After all, we didn’t want to get lost and the GPS had yet to exist in an affordable manner. Therefore, we were left with our queen sense of direction, which barely exists when you are in a new place. That is when I came across this local establishment. Basically, I was driving up and down Academy, one of the main streets that takes you from one part of Colorado Springs to the other part.

The sign was lit with bright and colorful neon lights. I was like a moth to the flame, immediately wanting to stop. I couldn’t turn away. Naturally, I love the atmosphere of a good 50’s diner, so this also helped with my immediate attraction. After all, nothing sounds better than a good burger, fresh fries and a chocolate shake while listening to feel good music. People in the 50’s sure knew how to set an atmosphere.

The first time I entered the establishment I was in awe. I walked in and felt like I had jumped into a time machine. The waitress’ were all dressed in poodle skirts and had their hair held back in bouncy pony tails, common to the time. The decorations were staged in away that you truly felt you were part of that era. The music was happy and upbeat, all from the 50s.

I instantly feel in love with this place, so much so that is was one of the first places my daughter visited after she was born – at a whooping 2 weeks old! She slept through the entire experience – she didn’t know what she was missing!

This time around was no different. Although I will admit that I struggled finding it. I remember it being one place and after driving up and down the street, we finally just googled it. When we came to the new location, I could tell I was wear I wanted to be. The atmosphere hasn’t changed and the staff exceeds in their customer service. The main difference this time was my oldest daughter was able to stay awake through the entire experience… and I had an additional two children who were also equally impressed!

The food was amazing. The fries were cooked perfectly and my burger was done just the way I liked it. (And believe me, I am picky!) My children gobbled up their food like they have never eaten before… and the best part… this was the first waitress to finally listen to my instructions. I asked for the children’s meals first; and I got the children’s meals first. Our meals followed shortly after, and within minutes of us ordering, we were all eating.

To make matters even better, even though we came in rather late, the staff seemed very cheerful. I hate to say it, but because I didn’t realize the time, we came in very close to closing time. I had become one of those people I so very much hated when I was waitressing. Yet, none of the staff seemed to mind, and even encouraged us to take our time.

Overall, I can’t say it enough, if you are in the area of a Gunther Toody’s, check this place out. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and they hold a variety of specials throughout the week. When we went this last time it was Kids Eat Free day. I was pleasantly surprised when a family of 5 was able to eat and the bill was less than $30 (Not including the tip of course!)

While I usually think of a good ole’ fashioned burger, fries, and shake when I think of a 50s style diner – Gunther Toody’s far exceeds expectations. Not only do they have the World’s Finest Burger Platters, they also include several appetizers, salads, and a variety of sandwiches as well. Oh yeah, and don’t forget breakfast! The prices are average for a sit down type restaurant, and in my opinion, very affordable.

The hours are Sunday through Thursday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

My Rating

I definitively give this establishment 5 out of 5 smileys!

My reasoning. First off, finding a 50s diner is difficult… at least one that actually stays in business. I usually seek these types of restaurants out because I like the atmosphere. When I find one, sometimes I find they go out of business shortly after. This one has stuck around. That in itself is instant bonus points.

The second reasoning – the atmosphere. This is great not only for a first date, but is also family friendly as well. Not to mention, who would argue with some great, happy music playing while you enjoy your meal. Overall, the atmosphere is a happy one. You can tell that the staff is having fun at their job and the customers are having a good time. That says a lot for a restaurant – at least in my eyes.

My third reason is the food. Personally, I think the food was great. I have read some reviews that said it was average, but the burgers are juicy and definitely exceed any fast food restaurant. In addition, the shakes are outstanding. They are served the old fashioned way – the metal cup. It just tastes better that way it seems.

My fourth reason is the service. I have never had a bad experience and when it comes to customer service, I am picky. These employees always have a smile on their face. They delivered the food in a timely manner and they checked up on you just enough to not be annoying.

My fifth reason is the prices. For a sit down type restaurant, they seem to stand right with the rest. They are definitely affordable, and when you mix the rest of all the other reasons, I find they are a good price for the product they are selling. I could easily return to this establishment over and over again.

So, as this hub is coming to a finish, I am going to say it again. If you are traveling through the area, planning a visit, or if you live in Colorado Springs or the Denver area and have yet to hear about this unique restaurant, I definitely encourage you to check them out. Scrap that! I change my mind. I am telling you now – You need to try this place out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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