Grey Goose Vodka

A hub tribute to Gray Goose vodka: the best vodka on earth!

What it is actually…

Other compared to ideal vodka on the market.

Grey Goose is often a relatively new manufacturer that solitary handedly established the Ultra Premium Vodka category. It is distilled in Cognac, France from French wheat, imported to the Usa through the Sidney Frank Importing Provider. In 1997, it quickly obtained a standing for quality and contains won many prestigious awards in distilled soul competitions. The 1st French vodka, Grey Goose has some "copy cat" rivals within the French vodkas: Nuage, Idol, and Cîroc are all now out there. These vodkas are bought typically in North America and they are all marketed as Ultra Top quality manufacturers; nevertheless none on the newcomers can lay a hand on Grey Goose by way of flavor, high quality or profits.

A small heritage…

Unlike vodkas using a extensive history, Gray Goose was built specifically for the US market in 1997 given that the brainchild of Sidney Frank, a self-made billionaire. His principle was to produce a super-premium vodka for Us citizens. He took observe of and ran with the perception of French developing possessing a large excellent by quickly dispatching a team to Europe to develop the recipe and uncover a suitable distillery. Therefore, Gray Goose was invented!
Grey Goose utilizes French winter months wheat from your south of Paris, distilled inside a continual still. They use alpine spring water which includes been filtered via the champagne limestone plateau of your Massif Central. The distillation takes place inside the Cognac area of France.
Grey Goose was marketed in 2002 to be the major ever single brand sale for $2.2 billion, in hard cash, to Bacardi, who fortunately has not altered the brand, style and design or taste.

The Genius Behind the Goose…

When Sidney Frank produced Gray Goose, he priced it effectively over proven rivals at $30 per bottle wherever other people for instance Absolut ended up all around $15-17 for every bottle. This large price at the side of the "story" of its French roots contributed to perception of excellent. Frank’s strategy proved effective, as Grey Goose was a monetary hit and triggered considerable improvements on the market, even producing the Ultra Top quality classification in liquors. Grey Goose is attributed with currently being a significant inspiration with the a variety of other high-priced vodkas, and even though some may well state that hype and advertising is all Grey Goose has, the manufacturer stays at the top rated in the vodka product sales. From raising competitiveness Gray Goose stands tall and can continue being there with its first-class excellent.

Sidney Frank was also guiding the achievement of Jaegermeister just before launching Gray Goose. Jager is a superb beverage in equally sales and profits and flavor. Though Jagermeister is considered at very best an "acquired" style, he managed to spice up its global recognition to record concentrations by way of great marketing. Just before his loss of life on January 10, 2006 on the age of 86, his final initiatives provided "Crunk!!!" electrical power drink, a joint venture with hip-hop entrepreneur Lil’ Jon, in addition to a top quality tequila named Corazon. Keep your eyes out for Corazon rendering it huge towards other best shelf tequilas.

The Finer things in Existence…

I very first tasted Gray Goose at ASU throughout my wild higher education a long time 🙂 Everybody was thrilled to obtain these types of a significant conclude consume at our occasion. The bottle alone is nearly a work of art. It was surely an event as anyone handed it around and tasted it. Despite the fact that not a large vodka fan on the time, I immediately recognized Gray Goose’s excellent style and have become a lover for existence. Vodka is meant into a be an odorless, tasteless fluid in accordance with the FDA, but inquire anyone who’s ever taken a shot climate or not vodka incorporates a flavor…rubbing alcohol 😉 There exists absolutely a main difference in between a person vodka and a different; and Gray Goose is excellent in my view.

Grey Goose is just not inexpensive. This vodka is suited a lot more for exclusive instances than for a night out with the fellas. I prefer to mix Gray Goose in combos that don’t spoil or get away from its good quality, utilize the affordable things for your personal Jungle Juice!!! Gray Goose should be enjoyed in basic mixes or recipes that require a reasonable volume of preparation i.e. The right Lemon Decline Martini.

There are as numerous consume recipes for vodka it seems as you will discover stars within the sky. Below can be a several in the greatest, most widely used and strangest recipes suited to an Ultra Premium vodka.



Recipe: Excellent Lemon Decline Martini 

1 1/2 oz Gray Goose vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1 tsp superfine sugar
3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

Mix the Grey Goose vodka, triple sec, sugar and lemon juice within a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes. Shake well for making positive sugar is blended. Pour strained liquor into a sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish that has a twisted peel of lemon.

NOTE: To create a sugar-rimmed glass, take a lemon wedge and rub the drinking area on the glass so it really is barely moist. Dip the fringe of the glass into sugar.

Recipe: Chocolate Carmel Martini 

1 1/2 oz Gray Goose vodka
1 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish cream
3 oz Kahlua espresso liqueur
3 oz Godiva chocolate liqueur

Mix substances in mixing cup with ice. Shake, pour into chilled cocktail glass, and revel in.

Recipe: Tokyo Rose 

1 piece Grey Goose vodka
1 piece sake rice wine
1 portion Midori melon liqueur

Mix equal parts in a very mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes. Shake properly. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish using a cherry.

Recipe: I See Lifeless People 

1/2 oz Everclear alcohol
1/2 oz Bacardi 151 rum
1/2 oz Grey Goose vodka
1/2 oz Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey

Combine all materials in a glass, provide above ice or divide up and function photographs.

Recipe: Dripping Wet Pink 

1 oz Gray Goose vodka
2 oz creme de cacao
2 ice cubes
4 maraschino cherries
1 tbsp maraschino cherry juice
top with milk

Combine the vodka, creme de cacao, ice cubes, cherries and juice inside a sherry glass. Rouse, prime with milk, rouse yet again and provide.

Recipe: Grey Goose and Red Bull 

1 oz Grey Goose vodka
6 oz Red Bull

Combine Components about ice, substitute Red Bull for any other power drink to help keep it new.

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