Green Sea Turtle Soup

From Stewed Iguana to Turtle Soup

The dilemma I’m responding to with this Hub is What is the most unconventional factor you have got eaten and did you like it?

Actually by far the most uncommon and unique food I have sat down and eaten was a plate of stewed iguana in a spot called the Bar and Grill around the Place within the seaside village of Coxen Gap within the Honduran island of Roatan in the Caribbean.

In a phrase, the iguana tasted like chicken. Nevertheless it arrived loaded with several little bones which I’d to sift by to get towards the stewed meat.

However, considering that I have formerly published a Hub on that specific dining journey, I’ll commit this Hub towards the future most abnormal point which I encountered several times afterwards the same vacation.

The trip by itself was a Caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Jewel in the Seas.

We ate almost all of our meals aboard the ship and, when not unique or strange, the foodstuff aboard the ship was fantastic!

However, it had been in the course of our shore excursions in which we two times sampled unconventional food stuff.

The first time was the above mentioned stewed iguana in Coxen Gap, Honduras as well as second was on the cafe on the Boatswains Seashore Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman Island.

Boatswains Seashore Turtle Farm

The Boatswains Beach front Turtle Farm is usually a conservation effort aimed at making an effort to preserve eco-friendly sea turtles whose figures have declined and could possibly be threatened with extinction.

Green turtles are bred with the turtle farm and, although many are launched to the wild to help replenish the dwindling figures of those sea turtles, some are butchered as well as the meat either served to company in the cafe, marketed to other nearby dining places or canned and offered to visitors to take home with them.

Sales from the canned turtle soup are constrained due to the fact that it’s that, obtaining been declared an endangered species less than U.S. regulation, it truly is illegal to carry the turtles or solutions built from these turtles into the Usa.

The Turtle Soup was Extremely Fantastic & I Highly Recommend It

The soup itself was incredibly great plus the chunks of turtle meat were quite tasty.

Frankly, if I hadn’t known that turtle soup was their specialty and experienced simply asked the waiter to bring me a bowl of soup without initial looking in the menu, I would have described it as the best chicken vegetable soup I’d ever eaten.

I enjoy trying different foods and like variety in the meals I eat.

However, different for me is usually a fruit or vegetable I have not yet tried, meat of a traditional variety of farm animal or common wild game and seafood.

I generally don’t go looking for things like bugs and reptiles and my initially thought when someone offers or suggests I try bugs or reptiles is to politely decline.

How I Arrived to Dine on Iguana

The idea of eating iguana was in fact my wife’s, not mine.

The day we visited Roatan Island the weather was overcast with intermittent light rain showers.

After disembarking from the ship that morning, we hired a guide to consider us on a two hour overview tour in the island by taxi.

After that tour we set out on our own exploring the town of Coxen Hole exactly where our ship was docked.

Seeing iguana advertised on menus outside dining places my wife, who occasionally watches the TV food stuff show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, decided we needed to try it.

My preference was to postpone lunch until we were back on board the ship.

However, my darling wife persisted and we ended up heading into a nearby cafe named the Bar and Grill around the Spot.

The cafe portion of the building consisted of a corner with the sub-basement of what appeared to be a property.

There were three or four tables with a counter separating an even smaller cooking area.

A boom box on the counter provided background music. We were the only customers in the time and the staff, which consisted of a mother and her young daughter were really friendly and helpful.

I ordered the iguana dinner – stewed iguana with a large side of rice and beans even though my wife ordered a small side dish of more traditional meals.

While my wife tried one small bite of my iguana, I was the one who ended up eating the unique dinner which she appeared to enjoy vicariously through me.

Unlike Iguana, I Decided in Advance to Visit the Turtle Farm andHave Their Turtle Soup for Lunch

When we docked inside the harbor of George Town on Grand Cayman Island several days later, I disembarked with the intention of making my way towards the Boatswains Beachfront Turtle Farm and trying their turtle soup.

Having survived eating iguana and feeling that I had makings of a very good Hub about that journey, I was ready for a new eating experience to write about.

Two other things smoothed the way for my deciding to eat turtle soup and neither had anything to do with my wife. Within the case in the turtle soup, I was the one that talked her into trying it!

I had once seen a couple of half starved cowboys in the movie catching and roasting an iguana for dinner, I also knew that people like Andrew Zimmerman occasionally ate things like iguana,.

However, that type of creature was not something that people, whom I considered normal, ate or even talked about eating. Turtle soup, around the other hand, was something that I had heard people talk about eating. It absolutely was usually described as a delicacy found in upscale dining places.

I had one other reason for wanting to try turtle soup besides knowing for a long time that turtle meat was eaten and enjoyed by people who experienced what I considered to be normal eating habits.

Our table mates about the cruise ship experienced visited Grand Cayman Island a number of times earlier and raved about the turtle soup. Their description with the soup along with the turtle farm by itself that designed me decide this was the time to try eating turtle.

After Lunch we Made a Quick Visit to Hell, Located a Short Walk Down the Road, Before Catching a Bus and Returning to Our Ship

So, after touring George Town, which is not quite big, we found a bus and produced our way to your Boatswains Beach front Turtle Farm located a short bus ride north of George Town at 825 NW Point Rd, within the hamlet of West Bay.

We spent two or three hours touring the turtle farm and viewing its many exhibits.

We then enjoyed a leisurely lunch of turtle soup accompanied by bread and a very tasty rum punch.

After lunch we left the turtle farm and strolled up the road a bit further for a visit to Hell before catching a bus back to George Town and our ship.

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